Caja Rural Particulares

Security Recommendations

  • Keep your codes secret and change them regularly
  • Do not enter SIGNATURE CODES in a grouped manner
  • Do not give your signature code to anyone else
  • Do not forget to click on 'Disconnect' when you end your session on

We will never ask their personal and confidential passwords by phone, email or fax, neither will ask him that it realise any proof of operations of ruralvía.

If in doubt, call our Customer service 913 346 780.

Information of interest

We work for your safety


From September 14, 2019 to enter ruralvia you will need to have your mobile informed in your office.

icono telefonoCards Blocking
902 123 209.  +(34) 91 807 01 62.

icono teléfonoRuralvía
+(34) 91 334 67 80.

icono teléfonoATMs
+(34) 91 334 67 77.