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    The integration system implemented by the rural credit unions follows a federated banking model, safeguarding the independence and features of each entity, offering a full range of products and services of national and international standards.

    This model is in line with similar strategies in European Cooperative Banking, such as DZ BANK (Germany), Credit Agricole (France), ICCREA Holding (Italy), Pohjola Bank (Finland), Rabobank (Netherlands), RZB Group (Austria) and Raiffeisen Schweiz (Switzerland).

    These Cooperative Banks, including Banco Cooperativo Español, are members of Unico Banking Group, an institution whose aim is to generate common projects and business around the world.

    The rural credit unions are backed by its affiliate entities: Banco Cooperativo Español (BCE), Rural Grupo Asegurador (RGA), the group’s insurance company and Rural Servicios Informáticos (RSI), the group’s IT company.


    Banco Cooperativo Español


    BCE was set up in 1990 as a private financial institution, whose shares are presently held by 72
    Cajas Rurales and DZ BANK, a German credit entity.

    BCE acts as a central service banking unit for the shareholding rural credit unions. One of its aims is the promotion and the modernization of the cooperative credit industry providing value added services and generating business for its member entities.

    Furthermore, it links rural credit unions in domestic, foreign financial markets and institutions.

    The Bank offers its services through specialized areas: treasury, operations, foreign trade, retail, corporate and private banking, capital markets, human resources, legal and tax consultancy.

    In addition to these services, through its subsidiary companies, BCE is in the position to satisfy any other business its shareholders may demand:

    • Gescooperativo: asset management firm.
    • Rural Renting: dedicated to vehicle and production equipment renting.
    • BCE Formación: the group’s employee training unit.
    • Espiga Capital: venture capital company involved in non listed company transactions.
    • Gestión Inmuebles GIVP: dedicated to the real estate sector.



    RGA, the group’s insurance company, was created in 1986. Its objective was to expand the range of insurance and reinsurance products offered by the rural credit unions to their customers.

    It is made up of four companies, which are in a position to satisfy market customer demands through it’s wide range of products: Seguros Generales Rural, S.A., Rural Vida, S.A., Rural Pensiones and RGA Mediación.



    This company provides IT solutions and services to group members, thus optimizing efficiency levels. Established in 1986, it plays an important role in the Spanish IT industry. Ranked among the leading companies of its kind, it provides solutions and services to a 17.000 strong IT network which connects to its systems and manages over 14 million transactions daily.



    One of our aims is to satisfy our customer needs through high quality services and a deep knowledge of their necessities.

    Although, using a universal banking model, we do not exclude those sectors for which we were created, making great efforts to reach non traditional market segments, and so completing
    our geographical coverage.

    Aware of the important credit unions play in today's financial system, we are committed to developing federated banking model and boosting important synergies produced among
    the different rural credit unions and affiliate entities.

    And now from global to local, we continue to develop multichannel work as we consider this to be the key to business expansion, consolidating wholesale banking and advancing in financial disintermediation.This will be achieved without forgetting the important social commitment we have assumed.