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  The Caja Rural Group  

The Caja Rural Group

The Caja Rural group is one of Spain's leading banking groups, that enjoys a strong financial and net worth position, with more than 41,639 million euros in assets and over 34,486 million euros in deposits from its 74 members. It has more than 4,000 offices located nationwide. By belonging to this group, credit co-operative banks (Cajas Rurales) are able to offer investors and customers a universal, specialised and personalised range of products and services, leveraging on the broad knowledge that each bank has in its region.

Therefore, the Cajas Rurales have a defined field of operation, differentiated yet not isolated, as cooperation within the group allows them to access broader areas. So, the Caja Rural group may provide the same services as banks and savings banks, while maintaining the close link with their regional territory. The Caja Rural group has the support of certain investees, Asociación Española de Cajas Rurales (the Spanish rural savings bank association), Banco Cooperativo Español (the Spanish Cooperative Bank), Rural Servicios Informáticos (IT: Information Technology) and insurance company Seguros RGA.

The institutional framework represented by the Caja Rural group, as well as the surrounding corporate structure, underscore the largest and most recent consolidation process among Spanish credit cooperative banks. The integration system based on a federated banking model allows the Caja Rural Group to safeguard the independence of the member banks comprising the group without ignoring the essential requirements of banking operativity and business efficiency, while at the same time exceeding the limits imposed on each bank by their respective individual size and geographical scope of activity. The Caja Rural Group's banking system is characterised by the decentralisation of its operations and principle of subsidiarity, with each member enjoying legal independence and autonomy in decision making.


  • BCE

    Banco Cooperativo Español, S.A.
    A financial group that was set up on 31 July 1990, mainly to act as central bank for the Cajas Rurales.

  • RSI

    Rural Servicios Informáticos
    This company was founded in 1986 by a small number of Cajas Rurales, which were the first to adopt the now widespread use of outsourcing, pooling together their investment capacity to create a common, central data management centre aimed at unifying their operational support and achieving cost savings through economies of scale.

  • rga

    Seguros RGA
    This is the insurance company for the Cajas Rurales. It comprises four companies offering the banks' customers insurance and pension funds. These are: Seguros Generales Rural, S.A, Rural Vida, S.A, Rural Pensiones, S.A. and RGA Broker Correduría de Seguros, S.A.